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We design experiences to transform business

YF was born on the idea of shaping innovative and practical product experiences, reducing wastage in view of time and effort, and maximizing business value (BV) for our customers. We adopt rapid and collaborative design and development techniques and a consultative approach, thereby optimizing project time to delivery and in the journey educating all collaborators about the significance of the adopted methodology and value for their investment. We are a domain and technology agnostic services and consulting company with a super specialization in Enterprise and Mobility products. We have been fortunate that our customers trusted us for designing and developing their flagship product experiences in exciting and emerging domains such as Cloud Computing, Data Centre Storage, Networking, Banking Insurance, HealthCare Fitness, Industrial Asset Analytics, Legal, ERP Business Management, IOT, etc.


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Discover your service product experience quality H business goals, user needs and expectations evolve with time and it’s important that a service or products differentiating value proposition aligns accordingly. Astute product research and evaluation techniques conducted from a neutral perspective by our in-house experts could help discover opportunities, identify stated/unstated needs, and lay the foundation for product enhancement in the short as well as long term. Thus, preserving and augmenting market capitalization.


Define the service and product experience strategy - a clear product focus, well-defined use case coverage and measured release milestones are extremely critical for determining a product's success. Our years of industry experience partnering with numerous fortune 500 product companies as well as start-ups could be leveraged for informing the product/service experience strategy be it an idea in the head or chiseling/validating the strategy for future versions. Our consultants will be happy to partner with you and your team for meticulously strategizing the release road-map. more...


Design the service and product experience touch-points H customers as well as end-users are exposed to a multitude of devices and their decisions and tasks often straddle several channels/touch-points before finalization. It’s important that a product or service strategy is designed with a holistic lens encompassing the ecosystem in entirety thereby offering a seamless and meaningful experience. Each user touch-point should be carefully designed and developed such that it echoes a harmonious synchronization between the visible front-end and invisible back-end layer delivering an engaging, performant, more...


Develop an interactive product experience – accurate development of static screen designs coupled with Engineering knack is equally important for bringing-to-life the originally strategized product experience in its true essence, developed and delivered in the most optimum timelines. We have a talented and experienced team of engineers well-versed in developing engaging front-ends and pluggable, scalable as well as performant backend architectures for powering web, mobile, wearable and IOT applications. more...

Citizens of tomorrow

Empower the citizens of tomorrow in their interaction with cities and systems

How might we empower the citizens of tomorrow in their interaction with cities and the systems that surround them in a world of growing populations and lack of resources? We work with influential public and private institutions to design solutions that face the challenges of tomorrow’s society and bring positive change to the life of the individual.

Efficient working

Enable humans to live smarter and more informed lives

How might we enable humans to live smarter and more informed lives through all touch points in a future where everything is connected?
We work with visionary companies to design human- centered and technology-infused solutions that enable humans to live easier and better lives through intelligent products and services.

Natural lives

Improve peoples health and increase life quality

How might we improve peoples health and increase life quality as lifestyle diseases increase and healthcare costs skyrocket? We work with the most important players within the health eco system to design solutions that enable healthy lifestyles and create better outcomes for patients, societies and businesses.